More About Me

Patti is well rounded in real estate after being licensed in sales as a NJ Realtor since 2001 and investing since 1998. She is most interested in matching homes in need of rescuing and can help with the process from start to finish maximizing the renovation and your return (from Discovery to the Sale and Beyond). She deals often in residential sales and can help you with listings in any town you wish to search. She also has experience with Investing and can guide even the green investor through the process of building a portfolio. She is fluent in ASL, and closest to her heart is the desire to help as many people as she can in the deaf community with their real estate needs.

Patti enjoys, in the broad sense, Art. You would be surprised how often art can be incorporated into real estate. Specific tools- photography, graphic art, basic design, color theory, painting, textiles for decorating, and even other forms like music and entertaining come in handy too! These talents lend themselves to her success as a knowledgeable real estate consultant. Her vision of what is and what could be and her knowledge of how to make it happen can broaden any buyer's and seller's options. She can offer tools like renovation consulting to both buyers and sellers and staging consultation to sellers. Her services don't have to be limited to consultation either, she is happy to go the extra mile and help you with the execution if you so desire.

She grew up in Medford, went to Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia and Started a Family in Philadelphia before becoming a Realtor and moving back to South Jersey into Collingswood. Philly to be visited, but only on occasion. The original plan was to move to Collingswood because of it proximity to Philadelphia action, but it turns out this friendly town has plenty of activities and special events to keep her family of eight occupied.. On the rare weekend where there is no community event, she will usually take the opportunity to spend time outdoors at the beach or on a camping trip. In the community, she is has volunteered for many events, been active on the PTA and is a former Girl Scout Leader. She has also helped to plan and execute numerous community service projects mostly involving her own Troop and her daughter's troops, Collingwood's MCC, May Fair, Book Festival and other various community service in more recent years. 

Patti loves helping people and has interest in all aspects of real estate.
 A natural appreciation for architectural detail has drawn her into the field, 
Challenge of each real estate transaction varying so immensely has tested her.
Ultimately, enjoyment of the time spent with the people she has and will help has kept her here.

Patti has a strong belief that people should build a relationship with a realtor before they actually have a real estate need, just like you would with a doctor or lawyer. Chances are, someday you or your family or friend will be in need of real estate assistance.. Wouldn't it be easier if you had someone to go to that you already know you can trust? Someone you are confident has the ability to guide you or your loved one through the process as smoothly as possible? If you start to build that relationship now, you will be able to better determine whether or not your agent has the professional knowledge and experience to provide you with the service you deserve.